Can I book, but pay later?

We’re sorry, but we do not have this option. If you book, you have to be sure you will attend the conference.

Can I cancel my order?

We’re sorry, but you can not cancel your order once you paid.

Can I book after the 15th of July?


When is the final deadline for booking?

It’s on the 15th of July. No new Prices will be provided after this time.

Is it possible that we, as a young family, book?

Yes, it is possible, but you should consider some important points:
– Although you are a family you cannot sleep in the same room because the conference is for young people with segregated sleeping places
– You have to consider where your child will be during the conference because unfortunately, we cannot take care of him/her
– You have to have 2 separate bookings with two booking numbers for each person


Where are the nearest airports?

The nearest international airports to our location are PAD, HAJ, DUS (not NRN/Düsseldorf Weeze), and CGN.

Where is the nearest train station/bus stop?

You can arrive at the train station “Höxter Rathaus” and then travel to the monastery by bus line “HX4”. For more information, check out the page or App of the Deutsche Bahn.

Will we be picked up at the airport?

There will be guides who will show you the way to your train or bus at every station. Therefore you can be assured that you will arrive safely at the location.

Which ticket should I buy?

We recommend you use the Deutsche Bahn website to look for a ticket. If you want flexibility you can buy a ticket such as the Deutschland Ticket.